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April 27, 2017


Fat beaver stuck in fence freed by Hamilton city worker

Impossible icicle spotted in Newfoundland

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby and The Perts)


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Didn't Fat Beaver open for The Perts? Or was that Ian and Sylvia?

Free beaver?? Oh ..... never mind.

"WALLY! That's no way to talk about your brother!"

"In other exciting news from Newfoundland, a crowd gathered to watch paint dry! Ben Yurhggins repainted his barn as he does every April 28!

This is Newfoundland National News, NNN."

The beaver sustained injuries from the fence and will be fully rehabilitated before being released back into the wild, along with a stern lecture about staying close to his aquatic home.

If Fox News covered this, headline would be BEAVER BUSTED AFTER ATTEMPTED BREAK-IN. The photo in the full article shows the beaver in his "private cell."

Fat beavers are now no longer a total mystery.

Impossible Icicle once opened for Coldplay. They did a cover of Styx "Snowblind".

Obviously being a total mystery is unacceptable? Is that just in nature, or with just men?

When in a sticky situation, always soap your beaver.

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