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April 21, 2017



(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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This is one story that will require long and detailed study before many of us guys could possibly comment.

Haven't they always been highlighted?

I'm confused. Why would anyone want to use a yellow highlighter on their boobs? Maybe I'm reading this article wrong.

I believe there's a bustle on your hedgerow.

send a case to the white house

Sheesh ! I suppose it's only a matter of time before... well... nevermind.

As the Grand Fibber tells us, it all began innocently enough when a grandma asked about a children's magazine that featured highlights.....

Certainly a highlight of any day.

NC, they do come in different colors. I like Neon Green (lime) and the president may be over-using orange.

Thank goodness!!

Now they'll be much easier to find!

As advertised in the new magazine --

Highlights: Not For Children

Ok, but I better not get slapped when I can't maintain eye contact.

At some point pantalooms and corsets will make a comeback.

I thought this was something you'd use to circle the idiots in you class photo

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