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April 19, 2017


Frog snot gives hope for flu cure

(Thanks to Marion S, coscolo, James Flynn and Le Petomane)


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We used to sing " Peptides in the mucus, shoo shoo shoo " in school.

"People would be advised to treat the Keralan amphibian with caution, however, as three out of four of the peptides found in the mucus were found to be toxic to humans."

Personally, I always make of point of being extra careful when handling any frog snot, just like Mama taught me.

Snort too much frog snot and Elizabeth Dole could soon make an appearance.

Scientists at Emory University named the beneficial element "urumin", which can be isolated, after the a sword with a flexible blade that snaps and bends like a whip, which comes from the same Indian province.
Huh? I must be missing something here. What "a" sword?

“I was almost knocked off my chair,” Joshy Jacob of Emory University. "... here we did 32 peptides, and we had 4 hits."

Maybe a little too much "a" sword there, Joshy.

Will Dave be revising "Big Trouble"?

When I read about Josh Jacob doing 32 hits of peptides and getting knocked off his chair I knew for a fact the scientists at Emory University were hooked on frog snot.

You know scientists are running low on cure options at this point.

"Hey, have we tried frog snot?"

Hope Defense Peptides opened for Lawrence Welk back in the day. Definite for an older, more relaxed crowd.

The peptide works by binding to the hemagglutinin, destabilizes the virus and then kills it.

"I was almost knocked off my chair," says Jacob.

So Jacob was a virus?

The sooner someone discovers something miraculous involving zillions of gallons of dog drool, then we're good to go.

Our frog snot is now headed toward the flu.

Didn't Martha Stewart show us how to make Frog Snot Cake on her old (pre-2005) TV series?

funny man, Yes, and Jeremiah was a bull frog. (Was a good friend of mine.)

Tosses Jan a Sham-Wow.


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