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April 29, 2017


A Fort Wayne man was charged with inhaling toxic vapors for the 48th time...


(Thanks to funny man)


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The 48th time? Today?

Said, said, said, said...

Sad, sad, sad, sad...

Great mugshot.

I think it's time to leave him, though.

Not clear on the vaping concept.

C'mon, we've all done that, right?

No, I guess not. But he does look happy, if not dazed.

I once said "Hi Ho Silver". Was watching Claytion Moore.

He didn't have to go get in a big ol' huff about an argument.

At least he has a hobby he enjoys.

Most of my brothers stomach was taken out, not to mention nobody is ever home...

Pit bull

Insane Clown Posse groupie.

Must be his brain on his face.

If he only had a heart... or a brain...

$5 says he pleads innocent.

Na $10 he'll want hiss shoes blessed.

I don't know how time is for them.. but I would bet even my concept s "better"

It's the brother/sister bond, partly, I guess. Maybe, maybe not. It's all my fault.

♫ Silver smiles, silver smiles,
It's huffing paint time in Fort Wayne...
Kill those brain cells,
back to the prison cell,
It's a kick to be not quite Sane...♫

Fury Road cosplay?

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