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April 21, 2017


A deputy asked Hunt where she was coming from and she responded by saying, “from the bar.” The deputy then asked Hunt if she had been drinking and she replied, “A lot, I shouldn’t be driving.”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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She looks like she didn't just start drinking last night, either.

Hypnotized by O.J.: A New, Better Witness Surfaces In The Never Ending Search For What Really Happened In Our Nation's Never Ending Search For The Truth.

Do not pass Go.

" A deputy asked Hunt where she was coming from "

Probably not the beauty parlor.

She attempted to perform field sobriety exercises, but gave up. “I’m too drunk to do that, just take me to jail,” she said.

Thus saving officers a lot of time and maybe someone's life. But if she knew that, why was she driving?

PS: she was driving a car with two flat tires in the wrong direction. A cry for help?

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