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April 01, 2017


Teen heading to Australia lands in Sydney, Nova Scotia

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Was it the StupidSaver special?

Oooh, soooo close

"Recalculating ...."

This makes that time you went to a party in Wyoming and sobered up in a small Mexican town seem pale in comparison.

Like that time I booked a flight to Athens, and ended up in Athens, Georgia.

-- Travelocity Gnome

About thirty years ago (the guy was on Carson, that's how old it is) there was a story about said guy, who was a mainframe computer specialist. Had the contract to do the British Airways central system in London. Did a bang up job, and BA upped him to first class back to LAX, where he needed to connect to Oakland to get home.
About thirty minutes into the connector, he notes that it's not over the ocean to get to Oakland.
He asks. Auckland, New Zealand. So after a 10 hour run from London, he's looking at 16 hours to New Zealand, and then 16 hours back.

This is the guy who programs the computer that does reservations.

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