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March 14, 2017


Villager arrested on DUI charge tells police officer her golf cart ‘just took off’

In that case, ma'am....

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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To paraphrase Winston Churchill, the golfer:

"This is the kind of nonsense up with I shall not putt!"

(She should have chipped, instead)

FL ? par for the course

Judging from her picture she drinks to mellow out, have a few laughs and play a leisurely round of golf. Right before she tears your head off and drives it down the fairway.

I'm sure she can find a forklift somewhere.

Self-driving vehicle technology is very advanced down there.

Isn't she a 3rd grade teacher?


These kids and their souped-up self driving golf carts!

In my day, we only played miniature golf, and had to walk tree miles just to get there!

She could sue the golf cart company, but she'd never find a lawyer venal enough to take that case. ( snicker )

Funny man, one of the clubs in my bag is a tree wood.

Due to an odd shift of quantum, the golf cart gained sentience and ran away, which caused all this to happen. At least that is what Bubba the paralegal told her to say.

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