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March 14, 2017


Cat Gets Snake Up Her Nose

(Thanks to Cassie Silvola)

Snake vomits an entire antelope

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Are we sure that wasn't really just a snake with a cat over its head?

There's one antelope that can say when he get's home; "Dear, you just can't believe the day I've had".

The Affordable Pet Care Act I plan to submit to Congress will cover these and other day to day veterinary emergencies. If you like your vet, you can keep your vet. I guarantee it.

Given the way government does things, I would not be at all surprised if a plank of the new health plan, assuming that you, the patient, sign a waiver of your rights, will allow veterinarians to treat poor, homeless or mentally ill people.

"And if you like your snake, you may keep your snake, but we WILL tax you on it."

There isn't enough eye bleach in the world to make me click on that link. Nope, nope, nope. Why did it have to be snakes?

I'm going to check if there's an ICD10 code for "Snake up Nose". Probably is.

That's pretty impressive. I once pulled a 12" piece of tinsel out of my cat's butt though. The look on his face was priceless. (And he was fine, quit hating.)

I agree with nursecindy, about the other photo. Not gonna click. No siree. Don't ever want to see anything regurgitate an antelope.

“So, this is a cat, who has a snake hanging from her nose. Her name is Marian. We don’t know what the snake’s name is.”

Did you bother to ask?

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