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March 01, 2017


An Indiana state trooper explains a revolutionary breakthrough in auto-safety technology.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I never thought New York drivers were particularly considerate about signaling... until I got to Florida and realized that if you use your turn signal you are considered aberrant or a freak, unless of course you are old and it is on all the time.

He pointed out the flaw in the idea, though; you have to put down the phone and that's impossible. You'd die without the phone.

I am still puzzled by all those hand signals I see, not usually associated with turning.

*gives Special hand signal to BMW drivers - the Biggest d!cks with the smallest penises*

The best drivers proceed through the green light into the middle of the intersection and wait there without turning their blinker on then wait there in the middle of the street for you to turn your blinker on so they can plan their next move.

The video is priceless. And so true and badly needed in every Drivers's Ed class in the country.

I notice a lot of drivers expect you to stop when they apply their blinker to change lanes. Especially in a 95 speed zone. Out here many of the more courteous drivers travel at a reckless, but safe not quite airborne, 95 mph and tailgate at the same time in heavy traffic which justifies their reason for not taking their hand off the wheel to apply a senseless blinker. I drive around all day saying over and over, "Did you see that!"

"He was going well over airborne speed!"

"Hey, look over there. In the tree. Is that a Lexus RS?"

FOR SALE: 63 Chevy, Only driven in Florida, by little old lady, turn signal and brakes never used.

Am I detecting a bit of sarcasm...?

When I lived in South Florida, it always appeared to me that using a turn signal was a sign of weakness that other drivers took to me "I'm going to speed up so they can't get in front of me!"

I alway thought it would have been nice to have a signal indicator on a car that would show which lane the car *came from*. There were dozens of times a car would appear in front of me, and I had no idea how it warped in that quickly. It would have been nice to know its planet of origin.

What's that clicking noise?
Guess who saw Henry Cho a few weeks ago?

My dad always used to say, "The most important part in any car is the nut behind the wheel."

Many people here in New Mexico claim this is the only state where turn signals are an option when you buy a car. Possibly Florida could prove them wrong.

As we have settled into South Florida my wife and I have begun play a game where we try discern whether the more "creative" drivers are dolts (clueless) or dicks (ligirl has seen a few of these). Usually it's easy to determine but sometimes we are not so sure.

Oh, Florida drivers know how to turn the turn signal on, they just don't understand that it's supposed to mean you're going to TURN YOUR CAR. Like, some time in the near future?

Floridah needs to translate for snowbirds.

Steve (The 24 Guy)

When I lived in South Florida, it always appeared to me that using a turn signal was a sign of weakness that other drivers took to me "I'm going to speed up so they can't get in front of me!"

It's the same in SoCal. Oh boy, is it ever. I can't tell you how many times I've missed my freeway exit because some joker (who was behind me in the same lane!) swung over into the right hand lane and pulled up next to me as soon as I signaled.

Approaching Miami on the Florida turnpike back in December was the only place I have ever driven over 100 MPH just to keep up with the traffic in my lane.

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