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March 31, 2017


Florida Keys man who looks like Santa Claus arrested on drug charges


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Sure, in the holiday season from November to January 15, you're as popular as heck. But the other 9 1/2 months you may need help coping.--The autobiography of a dealer

The old man and the C.

Frosty's a dealer.

He's going to get waaaay different Christmas wishes in prison.

He's blaming Rudolph for snitching on him.

He knew he was bad or good so be bad....I'm mixed up.

Hmmm, the byline on the story is "Cheech N. Chong"...

Little St. Nick written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, recorded by the Beach Boys 1963 - Nothing ever changes.

"And haulin' through the snow at a frightening speed
With a half a dozen deer with Rudy to lead
He's got to wear his goggles 'cause the snow really flies
And he's cruisin' every pad with a little surprise

It's the little Saint Nick (little Saint Nick)"

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