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March 07, 2017


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Steve Thompson, who says "Given the state of piercing, it could be a new trend.")


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Impaled Face: WWBAGNFARB

In a touch of irony, Natty Hagood recently announced he was going to open a branch ski instruction school in Telluride, Colorado.

Yikes! He doesn't look too natty at the moment.

Dave's advice is extremely sound. I clicked anyhow, and now I need a series of drinks.

Either ski, or ski jump. Don't attempt both.

Branch Davidian.

His bark is now worse than his bite.


If there was an award for the best commenters, Dave's would win hands down.

As for Woody McWoodface, perhaps he'll propose this to the IOC as a new winter event.

Usually, "Dude, hold my beer," precedes results like stick piercings. Not a skier though -- he was snowboarding.

"Hey, Natty! Wanna come ski with me?"

"Wood Eye, Vlad! And if you like, I'll along bring my 'Best of Sonny Bono' cassette tape."

"That would be so cool! Keep a stiff upper lip, guy!"


He eventually twigged his predicament.

First and only time that verb has made sense in a sentence.

"Things will go as they will; and there is no need to hurry to meet them."
— Treebeard

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