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March 11, 2017


Teen who replaced sister's goldfish with baby carrots is still waiting for her to notice


(Thanks to Ralph)


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An AOL address. Didn't even know they still were around. Evidently somebody still works for them, and gets paid by them.

Just wait until they grow up to be adult carrots. Both siblings will be shocked.

Update: Carrots replaced by watermelons; sister still too busy looking at phone to notice.

True story: when I was maybe six years old, my sister told me that if I put a jar out with a little water and a handful of sand, it would turn into a rock. I checked it every day, and after about a week, by gosh, it did suddenly turn into a rock! A nice, round, freckly black-and-white rock.

Someone probably told Justin Bieber something similar.

Another Annis horribilis for the Queen.

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