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March 13, 2017


Drunken man steals forklift after losing car keys, sheriff says

He looks contrite.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 5.58.05 AM

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez and Jon Harris)


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He looks like he's trying to use his death ray to burn through the camera lens.

Either that or he's having a bowel issue.

"Where did I leave those car keys?"

confused the FL forkOver law ?

I'm very glad he wasn't near Cape Kennedy when he lost his car keys.

For him, to err is human, but to forklift is asinine.

The presence of face metal has a direct relationship to arrest potential.

When you're working as muscle for a meth cartel and start sampling the product, these things just happen.

Quinton also told deputies he thought he could fix the damaged gate.

'Cause he has the ultimate set of tools?

When you come to a forklift in the middle of the road, hijack it. --Possibly From that classic of bad wisdom,
that abbie Hoofman Steel book.

OMG! I have the same earrings he's wearing!

He's going to be getting really bad worry lines.

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