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March 15, 2017


This is the amusing moment a jockey walked past the camera stark naked during live coverage of the Cheltenham Festival.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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I love the comment "a brief bit of hanging out".

If he was naked, how exactly is that 'coverage'?

The Fully Naked Jockeys opened for Bananarama at DonkeyFest '69.

Helluva long show.

When I loaded that page, my browser asked me if I wanted to activate

Flash Player

"He won it by about the length of well, over there mate, his thing over here."

"Don't look, Ethel! But it was too late, she had already been incensed."

"Would you say it was a well deserved, hard fought victory to come out on top by about the length of that Jock's penis over there mate?"

Lost by a length.

let's give 'im a hand

Win, place, or show?

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