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March 25, 2017


The next hot trend is sticking glitter on your bum

(Thanks to Jeff "Twinklebutt" Meyerson)


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"... it’s probably best to leave it to a professional. "

And don't mention it in the confessional.

But what if your bum is sleeping on a park bench?

Some might consider this abuse of the homeless....

Oh, what? Not THAT kind of bum......???

I did this long before festive 'inspired' Festivus!

--was this said by

a) Richard Simmons
b) George Costanza
c) Gary Glitter
d) Barack Obama?

Ooh, shiny!

Coming soon to Kardashian TV.

And the species shows that it has lost another 5 IQ points.

Your bum was way out in front on this.

Wasn't Festivus a character in Gunsmoke?

Farted and blew his glitter off.

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