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March 01, 2017


Burglar breaks into sex shop but passes on £25,000 of equipment to watch porn then steal inflatable love doll

(Thanks to funny man)


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He obviously loved their merchandise.

Will the inflatable Heidi doll now be sold at a discount, since it is now, um, "used"?

'Owner Alan Brook : “I don’t see a need to break in. We are cheap enough. Don’t be shy. Give us a try.”

come in our store, it's True -
we're Cheaper than You !

Thanks funnyman: I googled "Hedei Lauuritsen" and now my wife wants to know WTF I have been doing on the internet (stupid web-history)

Girl's gone! Wild!

come have a feel
our dolls are so real!

After his luck with 'real' women, he wanted someone or something he could easy deflate....maybe?

Well, he blew it again!

A song comes to mind: Only the Lonely.

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