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March 10, 2017


Police looking for man who stole Chevy Equinox and 9 baby parrots

(Thanks to Al Barkafski


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The thief better be careful. If this goes to trail, the parrots will talk

Whoa. That's not far from me. I'll definitely BOLO the 3 parrots.

True story: About 4 years ago my sister gave me 2 parakeets. One of them was a total PIA so I opened the door and let it fly. A few weeks ago I went into a consignment shop about 3 miles from my house and there was a blue parakeet singing away in a cage by the door. You guessed it -- they said it flew in their door 4 years ago.

So I'll definitely BOLO the parrots.

- and they're looking for YOU - ubetcha!

Jimmy Buffett fans on high alert...

A man babysitting nine parrots walks into a bar leaving the car unlocked with the engine running. It's reasonable to deduce the car and baby parrots belonged to his mother-in-law.

pollyAmory ?

Drunk man walks into bar, announces loudly "Anybody seen a cockatoo?"
Bartender pulls a gun saying "Wrong type of bar, Gayboy!"

(what we have here is a failure to communicate..)

Three cockatoo [which is it?] are still missing..."

The cops will have plenty of witnesses to interview.

What's all this fuss about nine baby carrots?

What kind of parrots? Shoddy reporting. They were probably worth more than the car.

Magnificent plumage on the Norwegian Blues

This one is stapled to 'is perch!

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