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March 01, 2017


Australian man pleads guilty to driving motorized cooler while drunk

(Thanks to Ralph)


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No shirt, no shoes, no license? No worries, mate!

This is why Australia needs a Bill of Rights -- so they know what it looks like while it's being shredded.

The Australian version of the story refers to his vehicle as a "petrol-powered esky." In other words, he was driving a PPE without wearing PPE.

Guys' reaction:

To their wives/girlfriends: "That's terrible!"

To themselves: "I have got to get me one of those!"

Nice wheels. Looks like a mint 2014 Coleman.

If there is no motor, you must aquit!

Sound legal strategy, if it holds up....

Minnesota would give him plates for that.

How many beers per gallon it gets ?

Officer--"Sir, why are you driving your beer cooler"?
Man--" Welsh ossifer, I's too drunk to walk. Dat's why.

Hey Dud, or miles per case?

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