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March 01, 2017


Jacksonville woman claimed to be doctor, bought award at trophy shop

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It could have been worse:

Jacksonville woman claimed to be urologist, bought bolt cutters at Home Depot

Jacksonville woman claimed to be proctologist, bought power drill at Lowes

she tried being a phlebotomist
but it was all in vein

Polhman reportedly displayed an award from the Mayo Clinic in her office

The company became suspicious when they saw the award was a perfect attendance trophy from her bowling league.

"Give me Hamm on 5, hold the Mayo."

So, she doesn't have a Florida license?

She was probably busted after a visit by a local shepherd:

Doctor, Doctor,
give me the news.
I've got a bad case
of loving ewes.

Reminds me of the Florida "doctor" giving free door-to-door breast exams.

She just lacked ambition. You can get really authentic diplomas off the Internet cheap. And what employer would ever question a doctorate degree from the University of Swaziland?

A spokesman stated the state licensing board became suspicious when He noticed the 'I passed the Cement Mixer Challenge' award hanging next to her credential.

Florida door-to-door free breast exam guy.

Did she "commission" the award or did the award shop just happen to have a fresh batch of awards from the Mayo clinic?

(I hate sloppy reporting.)

she's living in la la land

Its usually men who do the pretend Dr thingy. All women should be proud of her !

I used to have a t-shirt with a print " Trust me, I'm a docter!" (no typo here).

Read about a 'doctor' who was convicted for using builders silicone for breast & butt enhancements.

She had a promising career as a proctologist but kept getting behind in her work.

She had a promising career as a proctologist but kept getting behind in her work.

The fact she willing wrote up a care plan should have been their first clue that she was a fake. Usually you have to threaten a nurse or doctor a few times before this is done. My care plans usually started with, "Don't let patient die".

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