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March 28, 2017


Flying bong slices man’s hand

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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I saw them open for Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore East in '70.

They were told that a bong powered drone was a bad idea.

Thought those things mellowed folks out.

I guess this store owner wont be stocking those anymore.

If you can't mellow a customer with a flunged bong, what's the point?

that's in one of those states where they decriminalized it

People who sell glass bongs shouldn't throw at the stoned.

Flinging bongs is easy. Cows are more difficult, but entertaining. I did an admission interview back when I worked in the mental hospital of a guy who was going around town telling store owners he could fling manhole covers using the power of his mind. If the store paid him a dollar no manhole cover would come flying their way. They must have paid him because there was no record of any flying manhole covers.

Don't tell anyone the secret kung fu Technique of Flying Bong Hand Slicer!

5* to MTB!

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