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March 30, 2017


Watch out for road sharks.

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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And you thought Sharknado was "only a movie"....

I, for one, welcome our new shark overlords.

I honestly thought that sharks could fly.


Dammit Allen......exactly what I was gonna post!!

Double-dammit, Allen.

Road sharks abound in the midwest. A local TV station did an expose on how they are unlicensed and will tow your car off and put a big financial bite (if not a literal one) when you try to reclaim your vehicle.

We're sorry, this video cannot be played from your current location.

I think I'm ok with that, mate.

At least the sharks in Miami ride the People Mover.

Also, Road Sharks WBAGNFARB

"Dear, your mother is coming to visit".
"How do you know"?
"Her familiar is in the middle of the road".

Time for new road signs.

I don't mind. I'm a JET.

Sharknado 6: Toowoomba with Love

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