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February 16, 2017


Say goodbye to this classic Monopoly token

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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For new pieces, I'd like to see either a lava lamp or maybe a geezer bus.

As long as "Park Place" isn't rebranded as "Trump Tower", I'm fine.

No Wienermobile?

Big deal. That thimble token made a lousy thimble.

Those terrorist bastards!

And replacing with a 'hashtag'?

[Some body been doing too much hash!]

That thucks.

It sounds like a token gesture to me.

Thufferin' thuccotash, they's doin' away with the timeless thymbol of Monopoly! Thay it ain't tho!

The "doomed thimble." sigh

Might as well shred the Constitution.

Well... okay. But if they ever get rid of the candlestick (which Colonel Mustard used in the Conservatory), there will be hell to pay.

Sew, that's a problem?

We had a teacher who taught us gals embroidery while the guys went off and did heaven knows what (and before everyone asks no, it wasn't the eighteenth century), and her name was Mrs. Ianson, and she was nasty, and if you weren't wearing a thimble she'd whack you over the back of the head with a wooden ruler. She lived up the street from us and one time my Dad did told her what he thought of her teaching style. She never whacked me again from that day to this.

They'll be sorry when their fingers are masses of tiny needle pricks. Heh heh.

They still make board games?

Hey...what happened to the IRON?????

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