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February 17, 2017


Brothers Jesse James, Billy Kidd arrested after disturbance at Lubbock bar

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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They both need Belle Starr to smack them upside the head.

Calamity Jane would have wiped the floor with those two punks then dumped a spittoon over them. She was one tough gal.

I imagine their parents are quite proud. Really.

"Where'd you get this five-and-a-half inch blade?"

"John Rambo."

I can't quite imagine that the original Jesse James or Billy the Kid would have been caught dead in a martini lounge.

Still no word on whether Matt Dilion or Wyatt Earp were spotted.

From a place known as Lubbock County, Texas
Rode two bros with a big knife in their hand
And their daring life of crime
Made them a legend in their time
East and west of the Rio Grande

They were driven to the station in a Dodge.

Wait. The newspaper in Lubbock is named avalanche???? Have these people driven through Lubbock?

How the West Was Dumb

Jesse James is obviously still in a deep depression after cheating on, and being divorced by, one Sandra Bullock. After that sad event happened, I waited months for Ms. Bullock to call me, but alas, she must have lost my number...

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