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February 27, 2017


Grey 'blob' takes seat in Ukraine parliament

(Thanks to Ralph)

Related: Giant white 'hairy blob' washes up in the Philippines

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Come home, all is forgiven.

Hey, it couldn't do any worse than Paul Ryan & Co.

Enough with the fat jokes.

pretty sure judis getting fired this isn't the same one you posted last week, becuz This hairy blob is mebbe Halle Berry's wig ?

The party is still small, but its reach is international and growing.

"Smarter than the average chair" is gonna be the new catch-phrase.

Theon Greyblob joins the cast of GOT.

I saw the Giant White Hairy Blobs open for Meatloaf when I lived in the Philippines. It was a great show.

It'll be fun to watch when one of those big white hairy blobs wash up on an Oregon beach.

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