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February 17, 2017


Ontario man forgot he hid $100,000 in cash inside TV 30 years ago. Then it was found in a scrap heap

(Thanks to Roberto)


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“It wasn’t like he was hazardous with his money … he probably thought it was under the mattress.”


I do not think it means what you think it means.

Banks want your money for free these days, so you might as well hide it in your TV.

Any word from the tax people?

What is the big deal? 100k Canadian is like $4.50 isn't it? Geeze he can also have all those d@mn dimes and quarters that won't work in candy machines!

Boy...If I had a dollar for every time I did this.....

At present rate it is about $76,000 US

In his mind, he's going to Carolina.

Surreality TV.

"In his mind, he thought..."

As opposed to what, in his foot?

I'd be thankful for the honest guy who found the box of cash and turned it over.

Careful - there are some who say that men do their thinking somewhere between the brain and the foot.

AT least GEEP wasn't greedy, needy, or cheap.

Don't drink and hide money.

This is now MUCH more difficult to do, given the advent of flat panel TVs.

Just illustrates that there is nothing memorable on in TV.

(Newton Minow is right as ever.)

I can't comprehend - it bugs me if I'm off a penny balancing my checkbook.

I wonder what's in the freezer in his basement.

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