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February 23, 2017


One Florida fishing pier is cracking down on vengeful fishermen who have gone as far as defecating on the piers in order to mark their space.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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I saw The Defecating Anglers open for Aggressive Rhododendrons. Helluva show.

After hour patrols could be done by an alligator to save money. What could go wrong?

The important question is: "defecating on the pier's" what?

sheesh talk about pier pressure

Gone fishing?

And I thought Chicagoans were nuts for setting out folding chairs to mark parking spaces in winter.

A car full of Angry Anglers drove down the back alley last night smearing their feces and urinating in public. I'm sure none of them caught anything. The fishing has been terrible like this for many years due to the fact there are no fish or lake for that matter in the alley.

ligirl, maybe they are looking for pier acceptance.

it's a conspieracy !

I think that Google has a lot of pier to pier apps that have many angles or anglers excited.

Making no apology
Bringing criminology
To Lakeland pier ecology

Desparate recreationists
Smearing poop and flying fists
Staking claims with their own piss
Has it really come to this?

Escalating injuries
Bring repeated inquiries
And unwanted infamies
To the local fisheries

Formerly a peaceful pastime
Little mouth and big mouth bass time
Looks like it's now crude and crass time
Soon to be enjoyed for last time

It's called "Marking Your Territory" and it would be nice if they would confine themselves to urine, or maybe graffiti.

pretty sure meanie is shrimply irresistible

one fish
two fish
red fish
*ew* fish

Multiple penalty flags thrown at ligirl. Truly awful puns. Well done !

I instructed the fishermen to mark their territory with A stool, not THEIR stool.

give those flags to the master baiters , LeDud - they might need them to clean up their



It's all about that bass.

time to schedule a long Squatters' Rights march

off a short pier?

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