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February 25, 2017


A sasquatch investigator is looking into extremely large footprints found near Seattle


(Thanks to The Perts)


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He is wearing an official Sasquatch hunter hat.

If you check the scripture manual, Bindernagle means sucker.

Someone needs to find a way to install "Smack" buttons on articles.

I would suspect a clown.

Wearing Crocs.

It's probably just a homicidal alien robot. Nothing to worry about.

Sasquatch Investigator is my dream job, and I believe they opened for Zappa.

Sasquatch Sings, a musical play produced and directed by John Bindernagle, Will be touring this summer in any theatre that will let him get on the stage.

These overly-credulous "sasquatch investigators" would be so easy to prank, and I'm sure they are on a regular basis.

Too Short Shorts opened for Extremely Large Footprints Near Seattle.

A good friend went to a small college in Washington State. He said it was a fun pastime to get on stilts with huge fake feet on them and make long stride footprints in the snow where they knew people would see them easily. Add in some bobcat urine from a trapping supply for the odor, an elk call for sound effects and they had the perfect prank to really send the bigfoot/sasquatch investigators into a tizzy.

I agree with Meanie about the "SMACK" buttons on articles. It would save me a lot of time and trouble if we had them here too.

Obviously it's Harry's footprints.

Look at da feet.

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