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February 17, 2017


My day at the designer vagina showcase

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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Who needs Playboy when you can take such a fun "tour"?

They go well with designs by Vera Wang.

The Vagina Whisperer opened for Lady Gaga, right?

This used to be called female genital mutilation, now it's designer vaginas. Forward into the past.

Some people call this foreplay. My apologies to Marquis.

Where's the story on the designer penis showcase?

Oh good, something else to compete about.

Rudolph, that's called a kilt.

Pink, Plump and Hairless opened for Peter, Paul and Mary. Not necessarily in that order.

"(the field is largely unstudied, so hard statistics are difficult to come by)."

Obviously, statistics porn is a disappointment.

My friend said he saw Designer Vagina open for Pussy Riot.

Every day I thank my lucky stars we all haven't gone barking mad. Then I wake up.

My proposed thesis, Ph.D.

Designer Vaginas: An inside look at the Architecture.

Thank you, thank you so much in advance.

If doctor Marashi ever retires it will surely cause a P~~y Riot.

I thought Boxing Day was last month.

Keep those lips sealed, or the Vagina Whisperer may tell your secrets. (And secretions.)

What good are vaginas in a showcase? You're supposed to invite people for a party so you can use them.

I hear Tesla's coming out with a wicked awesome concept vagina for 2018...

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