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January 31, 2017


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Pennsylvania Crime Report.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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No Cheese Wiz him.

kinda foghorn leghorn-esque with his middle name - I Say, I Say ah CHEESE

Pretty cheesy behavior, dude.

The Cheese of York. Refresh my memory.

Cheese knocked on the man's car window . . .

- & the man thought 'oh, *grate*...'

did the butter him up before they grilled him ?

I'll jes let myself out

big LOL for ligirl!

"Magisterial District Judge James Miner" and "he also faces a corruption of minors charge". Is that a printing error or did he try to corrupt the judge? Shoddy reporting if you ask me.

He didn't get away with the dough, though.

Was something incredibly involved?

Cheese was from York? I thought the Cheeses were from Nazareth.

When Cheese goes bad ....

Wouldn't it have been grate great if his friend's last name was Pepperoni? I hope those pizzas were worth it. No more delivery for them.

Cheeses Twice.

When they took the mugshot, did they ask him to say "mold"?

One can not help but wonder if Cheese was 'baked'.

What a fiend we have in cheeses.

We also have a friend/fiend in Cleeses.

so who cut the cheese meanie ?

Hey, don't look at me .... oh, er, it was John Cleese's father, the former Mr. Cheese.

His cousin, Steve Diamond, was much more successful.

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