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June 25, 2016


Alleged Killer And Enraged Judge Go Off The Rails In Insanely Vulgar Hearing

(Thanks to funny man)

There's a link to the transcript, which is very offensive, by which we mean funny.


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That was quite a shrewd legal strategy. It didn't work for Ted Bundy either.

Rudeness never accomplishes anything. Hannibal Lecter would have been polite, palmed a handcuff key and later had the judge over for dinner.

I'm pretty sure Denver sat at my lunch table freshman year.

Hard to see who came out ahead in that debate. What I want to know is how did that guy ever get to be a judge??

A preview of the Presidential Debates? Methinkth so....because Mercury is in retrogade, right?

No appeal happening here.

Wow, now that was a courtroom fustercluck extraordinaire.

Methinks the defendant can get likely have his trial heard before a different judge now. Now sure what to do with Judge Durham but I guess we can send him to Washington.

oh my

nothing at All appealing


poor court reporter

"Would you please read back the plaintiff's last statement?"

Where's Rusty the Bailiff when you need him?

Behold! We are now blessed with a glorious dramatic reading of the transcript!

(Blog Standard "Unless You Work for the Osbournes" content warning applies, of course)

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