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April 13, 2016


The Song Wig

(Thanks to Dave N., who says "Back in my day, we shared our music using a... SPEAKER.")


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Clearly a solution in search of a problem.

Geezer question: Was this sold by RonCo?

while physically sharing the music with numerous people.

Gee, thanks. If I wanted to listen to the crap coming out of your wig, I'd buy my own.

I have visions of the grandma in Mars Attacks! wearing one of these and blasting Tom Jones to everyone in a two-mile radius.

never liked the look of hair plugs on men & i sure don't like these

"we shared our music with a SPEAKER" ... And we LIKED it! (hawk, spit)

I presume people turn to stone within seconds.

On sale now at the Rug and Roll Hall of Fame gift shop

Just be sure to look at the wearer in a mirror.

"make it easy for the wig wearer to listen to music
while physically sharing the music with numerous people,"

who, in a just world, would rise as one and slay you.

I've seen that kid working at a local Asian food drive-thru called Wok & Roll.

What next... song mullet ?

Truly the Popeil Pocket Fisherman of our day. OK, I won't make a fuss. I'll get back on the bus.

You need the Woofer Butt to really get into the groove.

" I would like to thank the members of the jury for acquitting me on the murder charge and agreeing it was justifiable homicide to silence that damn wig in any manner possible".

I wonder if they'll come out with a crew cut version for guys ?

Sounds like a bad hair day.

Hear today, Deaf Leppard tomorrow, eh?

2016 Gift Guide nominee #1!

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