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March 29, 2016


Watch Men Rescue Goat Hanging By Its Horns From Power Line

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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The article doesn't say(!), but please tell me that wasn't a live power line. How they could approach it with a ladder and not end up on a platter as a large serving of crispy fried goat with blackened rescuer is not fathomable.

good to see he got kid glove treatment

(yodel - ay - hee-hee!)

And yet some believe space aliens have no sense of humor.

The link at the bottom to a story of the Tennessee driver who got her car caught on a powerline over the weekend deserves a "Florida Drivers License" award as well....

C'mon! He fell outta Jagger's plane as it headed back...

A sequel to The men who stare at Goats": The men who hang goats by their horns.

Meanie the Blue: Since those lines are clearly going through trees without shorting out, they are either insulated or not power lines at all -- just phone or TV cables, etc.

Even with power lines at lower voltages, since the goat was only hung on one conductor, there was probably enough resistance with the rope to avoid a shock through grounding if the guys knew what they were doing. The horns themselves are good insulators, so the goat was not fried to begin with.

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