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March 27, 2016


Loo racing is on in Putaruru

(Thanks to Ralph)


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NASCAR should try this..."Look out, or I'll put you in the wall of the outhouse..."

And, who wouldn't look forward to the awarding of the Crapper Cup?

Humongous Putarurus opened for Dolly Parton.

Talk about pit stops ...

Just picture this while listening to "Dead Man's Curve" -- makes the song a whole lot different.

But first...the roo roo.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

The victor employed a stall tactic to win, and was flush with enthusiasm after being lifting the bowl over his head.

Skip to the loo, skip to the loo my darling. Never pass up a chance to parody.

Imagine if that commercial where a bladder pulls a woman to the bathroom led her instead to the racing loos! I'm also surprised the guys haven't added lawn mower engines!

The sport of kings.

Brown flags are out. There's been an accident.

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