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February 28, 2016


Man armed with sword and blowgun crashes U-Haul into Church following police chase

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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This is the very reason why we should never issue driver's licenses to church-going U Haul drivers with swords and blow guns.

The guy simply misjudged and pulled into the wrong church. He was looking for a drive through confessional ( a "toot and tell" ) to be absolved of sinning with blowguns and swords while towing a U-Haul. Happens every once in a while.

The U-Haul truck in the story photo seems to show Newfoundland in the grip of a kraken.

Talk about burying the lede.

At the tip of a hat I can be very sincere. At the tip of an iceberg I can be very forthcoming. At the tip of a sword I can be very hard to shut up.

Chuck, the Newfoundland ad on the truck is either an ad for a golf tournament ("He's going to need more club") or an episode of "Republic of Doyle"...

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