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February 10, 2016


I had totally forgotten this until I saw the video, but: Back in 1991 I hosted some kind of dinner for freshman congresspersons, sponsored by the Washington Press Club. As I vaguely recall, I was instructed to poke gentle fun at the congresspersons in my introductions, then ask them each a joke question, which they were free to respond to or ignore in their remarks. The first person I introduced, as it happened, was Bernie Sanders. Somehow this ended up on YouTube. Here's the video. I have no excuse for my hair. 



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so dave you were all business in the front, party in the back, eh ?

Nice mullet!


sure looks like a mullet to me.

Poor Bernie is going to have to give up his Congressional space before all his conditions are met, but he'll have a new parking spot at the White House -- for The Beast. Just what he wants -- a gas guzzler they won't let him drive.

A white shirt?

Proving that Washington is largely a humor free zone.

Kinky Friedman, in a time of stress, once tried sticking his head in a ceiling fan. All he got out of it was a mullet that looked just like Dave's.

I notice that no one was laughing but Dave. Considering the mullet, I'm guessing many adult beverages were consumed first.

Obviously, 25 years later, he still has the parking space.

I believe that parking is the real reason Bernie left Brooklyn.

I like Dave's hair!

Dave gave the perfect response to Sanders' answer.

That is the first time I have ever heard or had any reason to hear Bernie Sanders speak.

I like the shag, but it is so 1770's.

Gawd help us

Isn't the right to drive cars part of the Second Amendment?

I think we have to ask Habte-jabber (or however he spells it) if that's a mullet.

I dig the look, Dave. You were youthful and crazy, the world at your fingers, and instead you got something else on your fingers. Er, great answer from Bernie (who turned out to be surprisingly funny).

It's OK Dave, I had a mullet in the 90's too.

One of my cousins was a hair stylist a bit too in-tune with the times. She cut my hair into a mullet back in 1975, though I refuse to take any blame for being toward the front end of this trend. I'm sure we all have our regrets in life. Sadly, the look is duly immortalized in a high school yearbook photo somewhere.

For as much crap as we gave Ted Hamster-Grabber during the mullet-storm a few blog years ago, he should be give much latitude (or is it longitude?) for a response.

Don't apologize for your hair, Dave. Bernie still looks like he combs his with a fork.

The man admits he doesn't even know Dave Barry's name?! How could anyone possibly vote for a person so out of touch?

It's obvious he doesn't know Dave Barry. He called him a "gentleman".

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