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February 29, 2016


Florida Officials Drain Lake Full Of ‘Toilet’ Water To Coast

Florida Fugitive Bids to Hide Identity, Chews Off Fingertips

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, Jon Harris, Le Petomane, B'game and Judy B.)


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Not good to have water that is toxic. Wouldn't want to swim in that.

TAFKA the fugitive formerly known as Prints

Claude Rains he (the man with endless fingers) is definitely not.

Gee, another criminal mastermind. You'd never be able to identify him on a nude beach....

Meanwhile the Everglades are drying up and Florida keeps flooding the coastal areas with toxic water rather than diverting it south where it is needed.

Thank you, Rick Scott!

Silly question: has anyone considered putting a stop to using Lake Okeechobee as a dumping ground? Make local industries and farms clean up their own messes? I don't think that south Florida wants this water as it is...

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