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January 21, 2016


Virginia man charged with trespassing on property carrying suspicious bacon

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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That was Elvis's little-known original title for "Suspicious Minds," right? Or was it "Suspicious Bacon, Peanut Butter & Bananas"?

must've been that canadian cr@p

You can't beat a good, relaxing lurk in a backyard with a handgun, soothing camo mask and the reassurance of some bacon smothered in calming mystery oil. Yessir, mom definitely knew what she was talking about when she put her arm around my shoulder and gave me that tip.

"Suspicious Bacon" by Fine Young Cannibals beats Elvis'
version, in my book.

One of them testitfied that she ultimately talked to the suspect, who had alcohol on his breath and claimed he was just relaxing.

Someone alert the travel agents! Next time you need a break, book a vacation in a nearby dog's pen. BYO Drinks and bacon to save even more.

And I always thought suspicious bacon was only served at select restaurants.

I wonder what the bacon is so worried about.

dunno, meanie - mebbe it's incurable ?

I was never the bass player for Suspicious Bacon.

*mega-snork* @ ligirl

Good one ligirl. The hospital I work for merged with another and became the "Beacon Health System". I recommended we call it the "Bacon Health System"....where our patients "are cured".

In the future, leave Kevin at home.

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