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January 20, 2016


Ontario Provincial Police pulled a driver over in Huron County who had barely cleared a third of the windshield.


(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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I have friends in Canada who call this "summer."

Driving with a clear view is overrated.

I wonder if he remembers how to do hand signals.

only funny cuz it's not mine. yet.

ligirl, have you thrown your lawn furniture into the (ice covered) pool yet?

I really hate morons like this because you know where all that snow will end up - in the windshield of the poor sap driving behind him.

I see this all the time here in southeast Michigan. Along with snow-covered rear windows and people driving dark-colored cars at dusk with no lights on.

The fun part is when you slush the officer with your windshield wipers as he stands there.

Important note: If you slush your wife as she is running late and getting in the car to go to church, laughing is not a good idea.

Eh, that's way more than the old VWs had to see through on winter days, and we managed. Kids today!

@NMUA - ROTFLWTIME .. at you, not your wife.

The driver was probably legally blind, anyway.

Congratulations on a job half done!

Snow sofas on cars are a common sight in Cheese Country. This, however, is more of a multi-level snow sectional. Still, all you have to do in these situations is get to the highway and achieve blizzard velocity.

Hey. I've done that. When you're late for work, ya do what ya gotta do. Besides, once you get over 40mph or so, the wind blows the rest of it off.

Snow sofas? Heh. I guess you know what a fenderberg is then, eh, padraig?

He could see just fine, though. He has perfect 13.333/13.333/13.333 vision.

I had an eighth of an inch of ice on my windows last week. Was I equally guilty? The heater didn't kick in until I was at my destination.

As the blind man told his doctor: Icy! Icy!

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