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January 21, 2016


Mysterious medical condition causes objects to stick to this man's head


(Thanks to Harry Nom de Plume)


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His appearances often result in a severe bottleneck.

Potential VP candidate.

Anybody can do this by not showering for a week.

He had to program his mind by repeating over and over,
"I think I CAN, I think I CAN"....

Is it 'glue'? Mix Elmer's and syrup and you have ...
a sticky proposition?

After watching the video, I have to admit that he's pretty well adjusted for having something so freaky. I mean, he could have been bullied as a kid and threatened, etc. But to make $8000 over a weekend with this is pretty awesome. More power to him.

He needs a middle name. Contest time!

Can 'Matter Over Mind' Head

I'm guessing he's really MAGNETO. We're in trouble now.

Pathological recycler.

DOH! Funny Man beat me to it.

People are drawn to him. Things, too.

Don't most three year old children also have this condition, right before bath time?

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