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January 23, 2016



(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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Yes, was are in the middle of a 20+ inch Lizzard now.

Thanks for the warning.

If we stood twenty feet in front of that sign right now, we would not see it.

I, for one, welcome our lizzard overlords (as long as someone else is shoveling).

Are these critters the same as the lizards we have in the Southwest?



Eddie's cousin Linda is known to be less Relaxed & Groovy than he is.

Be careful picking them up.

Most are illegal.

This, like so many other historic events, was prophesied by the great Les Nessman.

Great, snorkworthy find, PG!

yeah, My house . . . *Really* - ridunculous amount of snow here on eastern LI !

Good thing it was only a lizard warning...could have been a leppard warning...

Lizards! Now I'm gonna need a bigger shovel.

Good thing X-Files is coming back.

The only way you can get the idiots to stay home.

Godzilla is heading for the center of Tokyo.

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