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December 28, 2015


Pistol Pulled During Penis Pump Beef

(Thanks to DaninDallas, and to anyone who can explain what Picard has to do with this story)


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The filename of the Picard picture is facepalm.jpg, and according to Wikipedia and other sources, Picard doing a facepalm is a famous internet meme.


Obviously Picard was the clerk. Right?

He returned it as the one gift that didn't suck...

...so, if that's a pistol in your pocket, Where's the Beef ?

That's not my bag, baby.


No, wait! Stop engaging! Stop engaging! Aaah!

DON't make it so.

Oops...that post was too close to the caption.

But, seriously...how would he have known it was defective if he HADN'T used it? You have to side with the consumer there...(then again, "consumer" is perhaps not the best term to use here...eww.)

Star Trek: The Next Pentration?

I'd like to buy an "e", Pat./\

(All these years, still it happens)

According to this version of the story, the customer's problems were due to "operator error."

'operator error' - mebbe that's how brady DE-flated his balls ?

Assault with a dead weapon

Does the technology work like car air bags ?

From our " Headlines We Never Thought We'd See " Department.

Crime of the Centimeter!

this is a stick up!

Customer: I have to return this, it's defective.
Clerk: Sorry, sir, we can't accept returns on that item if it's been used.
Customer: What do you mean, no returns on this?
Clerk: Sorry, sir, but if you just look at it, you'll see ....
Customer, pulling gun: This is bogus! You can shove it up [censored]!
Clerk: Aisle 3, sir.

MTB is on fire.....I could see Cleese (of Monty Python fame) doing the role of the store clerk.

The Bookshop sketch, can I assume?

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