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December 31, 2015


Let's keep the celebratory gunfire to a minimum.

(If The Blog already posted this, uh-oh)


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We might as well just shred the Constitution.

Good thing I have one of these to use at midnight!

a bit chilly to bare arms here tonight... we're stumbling around the block later for a pajama party: pj pants mandatory, everything else 'optional' - sorry for all of you stuck in tight fitting shoes & undergarments, as I'll be opting out of both ;)

happy new year wherever you are
please crash on your couch & Not in your car

It's been New Year's Eve all year in Chicago.

By "to a minimum", you mean to the smallest caliber, right)

Meanie, would that mean bb's or buckshot?

I have neither. Just asking....

Dunno. I have neither either.

Happy Gnu Year!

From the Blue Gnu....anyone get the reference?

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