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December 22, 2015


A 55-year-old woman was arrested after investigators say she got in a physical confrontation with her husband for passing gas, an affidavit states.

(Thanks to John Mayson, Andrew Mendez and Michael Huber)


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Flatulence Flap WBAGNFARG.

Police later revealed her lip will heal normally, but damage to her eyes may be permanent.

If he was a Boxing Champ he would be known as Gaseous Clay.

The husband said he got back in bed and again fluttered the sheets.

I nominate the reporter for a Pulitzer Prize on the basis of this sentence alone.

If she kills him and uses the flatulence defense successfully, no man is safe.

Man, don't ever ask her to pull your finger. You'll pull back a stump.

"The husband said he got back in bed and again fluttered the sheets."

Usually works for me.

Well, they had less than ¼ tank left when they passed the gas station that was selling it for $1.639...

not that kind of passing gas?

I think she was on Morrie, screaming obscenities on an audience member who farted, or was it Springer?

The cameraman did it.

She who smelt it dealt it.

The most alarming part was when his farts mixed with her Vag stench and formed a precipitant. I ask you; a Christmas miracle?

Foreplay Marquis?

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