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August 17, 2015


Dublin Airport seized a Minion ''fart gun'' from a toddler, called it a security risk

(Thanks to Ralph)

By "those things," we of course mean "toddlers."


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toddlers-you just can't trust them.

It might have been much worse -- the toddler could have been carrying an octopus.

two questions:

1. do we actually pay these TSA nincompoops?

2. where can i get a minion fart gun?

No doubt the people in the row in front of the toddler were pleased.

1. This was apparently the Dublin in Ireland, not the one up the road from Klumbus, so (I never thought I'd say this) we can't really place the blame directly on the TSA.

2. Amazon, where else?

It's normal for a toddler to want a fart gun, if it keeps the device well into its (not it's) later years, then he or she is probably a member of this blog.

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