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November 26, 2014


Teens ticketed for driving in Dinkle

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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We should not focus on Bill Cosby's dinkle. In stead we should focus on the positive vibes I Spy brought to livings rooms all across this great nation at a time when it was still a nation of mostly citizens with logical reason.

Ecological damage to our national mud is unforgivable.

A million years from now, some future paleontologist is going to find those and say " Wow ! I wonder what kind of dinosaur made those tracks ? "

After a serious trudge into the magnolias you will come to a sign that says:Do Not Tinkle In Dinkle.

Wasn't there some mayor called Dinkle ?

Dinkle Dinkle Little Car

LeDud, that would be Harry L. Dinkle -- World's Greatest Band Director.

Drive on My Dinkle Feel Free To

$2200 later and all is well with the world.Isn't the healing power of money just too amazing for words?

Mothers against Dinkle Driving will be ALL over this one.

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