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October 30, 2014


Neighbors say they're fed up with excess mothballs

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Naphthalene is used in the production of phthalic anhydride; it is also used in mothballs. Acute (short-term) exposure of humans to naphthalene by inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact is associated with hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver, and neurological damage. Cataracts have also been reported in workers acutely exposed to naphthalene by inhalation and ingestion. Chronic (long-term) exposure of workers and rodents to naphthalene has been reported to cause cataracts and damage to the retina.

Hemolytic anemia has been reported in infants born to mothers who "sniffed" and ingested naphthalene (as mothballs) during pregnancy.

Available data are inadequate to establish a causal relationship between exposure to naphthalene and cancer in humans. EPA has classified naphthalene as a Group C, possible human carcinogen.

She my have to sell her stinky house to pay the legal fees.

When my mom and dad first started dating, my dad put a bunch of mothballs in my grandmother's closet because she said she had seen a moth on one of her sweaters. I'm not sure she ever really forgave him for that.

Why not just a rolling stone ? It gathers no...

Whatever happened to the suburban white picket fence?


My mother, who was legally blind, had a problem with her cat leaving a "gift" of rabbit ears and guts on her step leading outside. She was always stepping in said guts (see "blind") because the cat killed one rabbit each day.
I sprinkled moth crystals at the back edge of the step and the problem went away.

What is the proper number of mothballs to be fed up with?

Did you ever smell moth balls?

How'd you get their little legs spread apart?


We will defend this woman until her money runs out.

I saw EXCESS MOTHBALLS back when they still had that screechy lead singer.

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