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October 31, 2014




(Thanks to Suzy Q. Wacvet and Janice Gelb)

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(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)       


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We should all take a moment and pray for the commenters under that story who say it's nice and calming to feed squirrels. Poor devils.

Actually, it is.
I take my family to the Mission in St. A to do this and everyone enjoys it.
Then, we go home and the squirrels stay behind.

If I see another stinkin' squirrel in our yard this morning I won't be responsible for what happens. Trying to rake leaves 'cause it's going to rain/snow/whatever tonight and every time I get a decent pile to bag up, resident border collie scopes another one of the little darlings and we all know how that ends.

Nice costume, Hammy!

Oh that picture is just awesome. Too cute

Just when you thought "there's nothing to be afraid of"
Dave shows us...there is!

"So when you answer your door tonight, and some
"entities" expect candy, check for tails.
And if you see one or more, Don't feed em.
Slam the door and run like hell,
or you they will make their belle."
--allegedly the last words Vincent Price spoke.
Scary stuff!!

Lay in some acorns with the candy.


Suzie Q Wacvet - with an "ie" and no period. Just sayin'.

This is why all jack-o-lanterns should be booby trapped.

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