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October 28, 2014


TSA Finds Cannon Barrel In Checked Bag Of San Francisco-Bound Passenger

(Thanks to Gargoyle Socks)


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So what, TSA? How is a *totally empty*, obviously antique "thing" considered to be an "unloaded cannon". We have a description already for this. It's called a heavy iron tube.

As Churchill once said, "This is the type of nonsense up with which I shall not put."

No, that isn't mine. I have no idea how that got in there.

Time to buy more 1-quart Ziplock bags.

...or are really, REALLY glad to see me?

Why is this news? It is perfectly legal to carry a firearm in checked baggage if it is declared and properly packed. This sounds like a paperwork violation at most. My dirty underwear are a far bigger threat.

In the days before repeating arms, a lot of ordnance was stored loaded, and rifles that have hung on walls since the Civil War still kill once in a while. Absent an expert on blackpowder weaponry, their caution was an excellent idea.

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