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October 31, 2014



(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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When did they start using the phrase "event date" for the date of death? The last event I went to was a wedding. On second thought maybe event date isn't such a bad phrase for that afterall.

What about his (or her) sibling, 'Hair'?

I feel one coming now.

Doncha hate it when these things get all blown up out of proportion?

Coulda been Flatus Stink.

I wonder if he lived in Gas City.

At one time, the appropriate building there was labeled:


That's what we called my uncle when I was a kid. He could fart the alphabet...or so he claimed. Nobody stayed around past "D".

So, how many hits did you guys get when you searched this genealogy for "booger"?

Because I know damn well you did.

You have to hope he went into state politics.

"Gov. Gasball, would you care to comment on fracking and today's massive explosion?"

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