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October 25, 2014


A pack of wild coyotes in Illinois has proved to be pivotal in the capture of an Iowa fugitive.

(Thanks to Diane Bursack)


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Fleeing coyotes is a good way to make sure the pacemaker works.

At least he didn't cross an estate lion.

Who needs a useless bloodhound when you have a pack of coyotes.

Chalk one up for older women!

Oh, real coyotes? Nevermind.

That's COUGARS, fm. Cougars. Not coyotes.

*insert illegal immigrant joke here*

Wylie finally got the Roadrunner? Beep, beep.

I KNOW we have coyotes on the farm both from seeing them and hearing their frequent parties in the semi-wilderness back 35.
But I walk the farm nearly every night armed with a walking stick and a flashlight. No coyote has had the nerve to challenge me, yet. Maybe it's because I don't run.

Rabid coyotes may attack a human; it's rare otherwise. I knew a local cop who got bitten in the ass by surprise; he was off-duty and unarmed at the time. Just small-town politics as usual.

Tragically, Geraldo Rivera was not the fugitive.

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